Hiring a Handyman vs. a Licensed Plumber in Mesa, AZ

If you suddenly find yourself with a plumbing problem in your home, it’s important to hire the right professional to come in and take care of the issue reliably in a way that prevents future problems from occurring.

Many people try to avoid bringing in a licensed plumber, simply because they don’t want to pay the price associated with them. Instead, they’ll scour Craigslist advertisements and other local listings for the services of a self-described “handyman” who can come in and get the job done at a fraction of the cost.

It’s understandable why this is so tempting for homeowners—after all, who doesn’t want to save some money here and there? However, if you’re looking for reliability in plumbing work, you should absolutely work with a licensed plumber in Mesa, AZ instead. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Lack of protections: If something goes wrong with the job, the handyman will just be able to walk away from the job without any repercussions. In addition, unlike most professional plumbers, they tend to be uninsured and unlicensed, meaning there are fewer protections in place for you as a homeowner and fewer guarantees that they’re actually capable of handling the work you hire them for. Licensed lumbers are insured and bonded and have professional standards they must uphold in all the work they take on.
  • Accountability: When you work with a licensed contractor, you have a greater ability to hold them accountable should anything happen to your home during the job. You’ll be able to file damage claims and complaints through the Registrar of Contractors if you experience monetary losses. This is a step you simply will not be able to take with an unlicensed handyman.
  • Research: You’ll find it much easier to research the credentials of a licensed contractor than you will a handyman you find on Craigslist. Not only is a licensed plumber going to be in various professional databases, but they’re much more likely to have a website and reviews you can find on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, etc. There’s no real way to verify whether a handyman has a certain level of research or expertise, because they don’t have the same sorts of professional standards to adhere to, so it becomes much harder to research them.
  • Relationship: Once you have worked with a licensed plumber, it becomes much easier to establish an ongoing service relationship with them that will give you some long-term perks and benefits. This is not the case when you hire a handyman.

With PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating & Air, you have added assurances through our exclusive lifetime warranties we offer on all of our workmanship—a benefit you certainly cannot get from a handyman. You will also be able to get our services for about the same price you’d pay a handyman, but we are also professional plumbers and NATE-certified HVAC technicians, adding a further layer of reassurance and peace of mind.

For more information about the benefits of working with a licensed plumber in Mesa, AZ, contact us today.