Air Conditioner Tune-Ups in Mesa, AZ

To get the best performance out of your air conditioning unit, you need to keep up on regular maintenance. PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air provides essential air conditioner tune-up cleaning for homeowners valley-wide to ensure the continued efficiency and function of your unit—and to prevent costly breakdowns. Our cooling specialists treat your unit and your home in cities like Mesa, Apache Junction, Gilbert, or Scottsdale, AZ with the utmost care, to deliver maintenance that makes a difference.

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Maintenance and Tune-Up Tasks

We go above and beyond to provide complete air conditioner tune-up cleaning. Our technicians overlook nothing and go through the maintenance checklist methodically, so every part of your unit gets proper attention. Some of the many service items we cover include:

  • Visual inspection of the unit to check for damages or leaks
  • Interior and exterior cleaning (w/ detergent depending on site)
  • Electrical monitoring to ensure proper function
  • Refrigerant level checks, to ensure efficiency
  • Mechanical inspections and checks (while running)

If we see even the smallest item of issue, our technicians take the time to document and fix it, so you’re left with an air conditioning system that works flawlessly and efficiently, as you expect it to.

How Often do You Need a Tune-Up?

We recommend a minimum service schedule of once per year, just to make sure your AC unit is working properly. Ideally, you’ll want to call us out twice annually for air conditioner tune-up cleaning, usually before and after peak summer months. This allows us to inspect and service your unit before heavy use and make sure it’s still going strong after peak summer temperatures.

Stay Cool Year-Round

AZ residents know how hot things can get in the Valley of the Sun. That’s why it’s important to call PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air for air conditioner tune-up cleaning each year. If your system is due for service, give us a call at 480-654-8865 to schedule a maintenance visit.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up Cleaning

Tune-ups are an important part of being a responsible HVAC owner. You want your air conditioning to run efficiently all throughout the year – especially during the hottest months of the Arizona Valley.

At PlumbSmart, we offer air conditioner tune-up cleaning, so you always know where to turn when you need servicing.

How Long Does AC Tune-Up Take?

An AC tune-up takes approximately an hour assuming that there are no major complications with your system.

At PlumbSmart, our technicians strive to work as quickly as possible while making sure that all aspects of our checklist are completed. With preventative maintenance services in place, it ensures that your HVAC gets the checkup and attention that it deserves.

When Do You Need AC Tune-Up in Arizona?

In Arizona, your system operates for extended periods of time in order to cool your home. We recommend that you schedule an HVAC tune-up at least once a year. If you notice strange smells or noises coming from your system or your energy bills start to skyrocket, it’s usually an indication that it’s time for a tune-up.

With our maintenance contracts, we can even provide you with a reminder that it’s time for your next tune-up.

How Much Does an AC Tune-Up Service Cost?

An AC tune-up can vary in cost between $75 and $200 – it all depends on the type of unit you have and the overall size.

The tune-up can help to save you a significant amount of money in repairs. So, while it may seem like an added cost, it’s actually one of the best services that you can spend your money on.

When you want to know the cost of a tune-up at PlumbSmart, just call us with the details of your unit. We can provide the cost estimate over the phone at the time we schedule your appointment.

What Happens if Your AC is Not Clean?

AC systems can get dirty – and when there’s added debris on the vents and in the air filter, it can lead to a number of problems with the overall efficiency of your AC unit.

A dirty filter can lead to poor airflow. Over time, the buildup causes the cold air to be trapped inside, which can cause ice to form on the coils. Once that happens, it can cause your AC unit to freeze and become inoperable.

Depending on how long a system remains dirty and clogged, it can cause systems to work harder than necessary – and engines and blowers can give out due to the pressure. When this happens, you may be looking at expensive repairs or the need to replace the entire system.

Clogged filters can also cause your system to work overtime. Your system will run longer to achieve the desired temperature – and this leads to higher electric bills.

All of this can be managed. You can prevent your AC from ever getting dirty by scheduling tune-ups and cleaning. It ensures that a technician changes the air filter, removes the dust and dirt that accumulates on the vents, and checks the overall operating system for issues.

What is the Best Time of Year to Do AC Tune-Up in Arizona?

Since your AC is likely to be used heavier throughout the summer months in Arizona, you want to be sure that a tune-up is performed before you need the system the most. Ideally, you’ll want to schedule your system’s tune-up during the fall or winter months. It ensures that you can get an appointment with ease and, if there are issues, they can be addressed before the weather reaches three-digits.

Of course, any time of the year is acceptable for a tune-up, especially when you’ve just realized that your system needs a little TLC.

At PlumbSmart, we can get you scheduled right away. Our technicians can come out to perform the necessary maintenance and get your system running the way that it should. It will make it easier for you to depend on your system all year long.

Why Choose PlumbSmart Specialists

At PlumbSmart, unlike many HVAC contractors, we employ licensed NATE-Certified technicians. This ensures your air conditioner tune-up is performed by the most highly-qualified HVAC professional the industry offers. We proudly serve the entire AZ Valley, including the surrounding area of Tempe, Phoenix, and Mesa.

We offer competitive pricing and never charge for a trip. We are the guaranteed lowest price in the area for our tune-ups and other services. And, should your unit need more than just a tune-up, we can offer a free estimate for an HVAC repair or new install.

Contact us today to get your tune-up cleaning scheduled and learn how we can help to keep your system running more efficiently.