Arizona Food Bank

Not knowing where your next meal is going to come from can be a very stressful and scary situation. Unfortunately, as many as 9% of all people in the state of Arizona find themselves in this situation on a regular basis. With continued economic challenges and significant food cost inflation over the past couple of years, this issue is only getting worse. Fortunately, the Arizona Food Bank is an organization that is dedicated to helping people get access to the food that they need.

What Is the Arizona Food Bank?

The Arizona Food Bank is a group of five different regional food banks and charities across the state of Arizona. This organization works with over 1,000 food pantries and smaller food banks dedicated to helping any food insecure people across the state. Overall, the organization provides up to 54 million pounds of food on an annual basis, which can help to serve and meet the needs of all people.

People they Serve

The Arizona Food Bank is dedicated to helping all people in the state ensure that they have access to the food that they need. However, they do create customized plans and have different approaches to helping people get nutritious meals. For children, they work with school districts, communities, and care centers to help ensure all kids have access to three meals per day and seven days per week.

The state of Arizona has a growing population of senior citizens, many of which are not able to get access to the food that they need. The Arizona Food Bank takes many steps to ensure that seniors are made aware of what their resources are and have access to food. This includes relationships with local senior centers, community centers, and government agencies to ensure proper outreach for all people.

How To Support the Food Bank

The Arizona Food Bank continues to be a top charitable organization in the state, which is dedicated to ensuring people have access to the food that they need to thrive. For those that are in the state and want to support the organization, there are many ways to go about it. The organization is always in need of financial donations and has many opportunities for those that would like to serve their community. This active community support has helped the organization continue to thrive and provide great service to those in need.

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