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PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air is proud to be endorsed by the valley’s premier radio personalities and privileged to serve their listeners.


We hope to hear from you today! And we welcome you to listen to some of our best on-air moments.

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Beth McDonald Recommends PlumbSmart
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James T on Our Free AC Tune-up Offer
Jody Oehler Explains Referral Credits
Jody Oehler Talks Rebates and Incentives
PlumbSmart Customer Testimonial – 1
PlumbSmart Customer Testimonial – 2
Wayne Decker Msg to Business Owners
Wayne Decker Owner at PlumbSmart

Beth Mcdonald

Beth McDonald

Host of “Beth & Friends” weekday mornings from 5 – 10 AM on 99.9 FM KEZ Phoenix, Arizona. Beth has entertained and informed over 1 million valley listeners daily, for nearly 40 years.

KESZ 99.9 FM

James T Harris

James T Harris

Host and Ringmaster of “The Conservative Circus” weekdays from 6 – 10 AM on 550 KFYI Phoenix. A topical, fast paced, fun and unabashedly conservative show with a commitment to faith, family, and freedom.


Jody Oehler

Jody Oehler

Host of “The Drive with Jody Oehler” weekdays from 6 – 10 AM on Fox Sports 910 Phoenix. “The Drive” has brought a signature blend of truth, humor and originality to the Phoenix airwaves.