Camera Inspections and Hydro-Jetting in Mesa, AZ

Sewer Pipe Inspection & Hydro-Jetting

Hydro-jetting uses high pressured water to clear a sewer pipe of grease, waste, and minerals that have accumulated along the walls of the pipe and slowed the flow of water and sewage. It is an excellent way to clean sewer pipes of heavy sludge and grease that have built up over time. Hydro-jetting can even break up and remove tree roots.

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There are times, however, when Hydro Jetting may not be the first best option. If the pipes are older, weakened, or damaged, then Hydro Jetting a sewer pipe could cause additional damage and result in unnecessary expenses. Before hydro-jetting any sewer line it is always advisable to first do a sewer camera line inspection to determine both the condition of the pipes and what is causing the obstruction. (Watch: Video Camera Line Inspection)

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A Hydro Jet is an extremely powerful piece of equipment and should only be used by an experienced professional. Strict safety procedures must be followed or severe bodily injury and even death can result. Our technicians and advisors are trained, licensed specialists and fully insured. We are family owned and operated and “A” rated by the Better Business Bureau.

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