New AC Units in Mesa, AZ

If your heating and cooling system is costing you hundreds in unnecessary monthly utility charges now could be the best time to replace it.

Save up to $3,500 in Rebates, Credits and Discounts

Up to $5,125 in rebates, credits and dealer discounts are currently available on high-efficiency AC systems and accessories. Plus, every year you own your new energy-efficient package or split system heat pump you’ll also save up to an additional $1,000 or more on your annual utility bill.

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Energy Efficient A/C Units!

To see which units and packages qualify, call us at (480) 654-8865. We’ll give you a Free Estimate on a new high SEER A/C unit. Low interest financing is available O.A.C. Let the savings from your utility bill cover the monthly payment on your new energy efficient HVAC system!

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HVAC Financing & Sales

Buying an HVAC system is often a necessity. With the hot temperatures throughout Arizona, you cannot wait to cool down your home. Whether you have chosen to replace an old system or you want to upgrade to a new system with all of the bells and whistles, HVAC financing is often the easiest way to move forward. And we’ll work with you every step of the way.

Financing is Available

The average homeowner doesn’t have the ability to spend thousands of dollars in cash to buy a new AC unit. That shouldn’t stop you from making this important investment in your home. This can help to break the cost of a new unit down into monthly payments. Plus, you can pay over time.

What Does a New AC Unit Cost?

A new AC unit can typically cost between $4,000 and $18,000 and is dependent on a number of factors. The costs are determined by such things as the size of the unit, the SEER number (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) as well as ductwork that may need to be installed to complete the project.

Depending on the size of your home, you may actually need two units. The best way to find out what an AC unit will cost you is to call PlumbSmart at 480-654-8865. One of our NATE Certified technicians will provide you a free comprehensive estimate good for 90 days.

Can You Finance a New HVAC with PlumbSmart?

Yes! One of the reasons why we have become a popular HVAC company in Arizona is because of our desire and willingness to work with homeowners on affording a new HVAC system. Schedule an appointment to have one of our technicians come out. We can price out a new unit and talk to you about the financing options that are available to you.

How Does HVAC Financing Work?

HVAC financing basically provides you with a personal loan that is opened exclusively to cover the cost of your new AC unit. The loan is paid over time (between 12 and 72 months) so that you have an affordable monthly payment. It can prevent you from having to wait to have your unit installed until you can pay for it upfront.

There are a few benefits of HVAC financing, too:

  • Avoid depleting your savings
  • Get the unit you really want
  • Loan builds you good credit

The process of financing your HVAC unit is simple – and our staff can talk you through the entire process so that you can decide if it’s the right decision for you.

What Credit Score Do You Need to Finance an HVAC System?

You can qualify for financing with virtually any credit score – though the better terms are available for those with better credit. Ideally, you’ll want to have at least a “good” score, which is categorized as a credit score of at least 680.

What Does HVAC Installation Include?

HVAC installation includes quite a bit – though it can vary based on the condition of your existing system and ductwork.

At PlumbSmart, we’ll typically replace the equipment both inside and outside of your home. We’ll fill the refrigeration lines, install a new digital thermostat, and conduct a full inspection to make sure that everything is working.

Once we’re done, we’ll show you all of the details of your new system, including preventative maintenance tasks that should be performed throughout the year.

When Should I Replace My Central Air Conditioner?

Replacing your central air conditioner is a huge expense. However, it is something that may typically be done every 8 to 12 years as the system ages to the point that it can no longer be repaired.

There are a few warning signs to look for:

  • System is 10+ years old
  • System uses older R-22 Freon
  • Repairs are frequent
  • Energy bills are higher than ever

If you’re not sure if the system needs to be replaced or not, contact us to schedule a free AC inspection. Call 480-654-8865 today.