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Take Back Your Patio

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We all know it’s coming…
that dreaded SUMMER HEAT

This year take back your patio with the #1 outdoor cooling system.

Stay cool and comfortable while it lowers your patio temperature by up to 25 degrees! This advanced high pressure misting system generates a super fine mist that is instantly evaporated, sucking away heat and creating a cool pocket of air in your outdoor space. If your plants are overheated we can mist them too! How about fogging your pool?

Mister Close Up
Pool Fogger

Unlike low pressure misting systems that leak and drip water from their misting heads and will only provide modest cooling limited by the 40-60psi pressure of your water faucet, this high pressure misting system operates on 1000psi of pressure, creating an ultra-fine mist that instantly evaporates in the warm air.

The mist control app allows you to control up to four separate units as well as misting modulation, further preventing mist accumulation and condensation, even on days with higher humidity. You can turn your system on or off using your smartphone or program days and times to fully automate your misting system.

The average homeowner spends $25,000 on outdoor amenities like pools, patios and kitchens. What good are these investments if you can only enjoy them for a few months a year?

Take Back Your Patio

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