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A number of out-of-sight features and components work together to create a comfortable home environment. This list includes your home’s insulation and its entire ductwork system. However, many people rarely if ever check these features for efficiency. Along similar lines, most homebuilders are deficient in both the amount of insulation they use and the location of ductwork that’s installed. All too often this leads to inefficient distribution of air throughout the home and cooling the attic area unnecessarily.

But there’s good news: here at PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air, we offer a free in-home analysis to homeowners! Our goal is to help you achieve significant cost savings on your heating and air conditioning all year round. Let’s take a closer look at what our HVAC contractors in Mesa, AZ want you to know about insulation and ductwork.

Residential insulation and ductwork

If you want a more energy efficient home without having to move, then you should take the time to evaluate your insulation and ductwork situations. Keep in mind that your home’s heating and cooling system works together with the ductwork to distribute airflow in your living spaces. It does this by pulling air from inside your house into the air conditioner or heater to be cooled or heated before getting pushed back through the ductwork.

Unfortunately, because insulation and ductwork are generally hidden behind walls and in the attic or crawlspaces, it’s all too easy to forget about them. It’s for this reason that you’ll have a hard time telling whether there’s a duct leak or that you have an insufficient amount of insulation. The good news is that homeowners can benefit from professional inspections of these features. A pro can find inefficiencies within your forced air system and determine whether they’re impacting your indoor comfort and energy bills.

Common ductwork and insulation problems

Leaky and poorly connected ductwork can cause a serious loss of cooled or heated air. What can you do to catch this problem? The following are two common indicators of home ductwork and insulation inefficiency:

  • Higher energy bills: If you’ve noticed a significant increase in your energy bills from the same time last year, and your household usage has not increased, you could have leaky ducts. Duct leaks can add hundreds of dollars each year to your cooling and heating bills, which is all the more reason to schedule an insulation and ductwork inspection. If you do have duct leaks, you will need to insulate, seal or replace them.
  • Hot or cold air loss and poor air quality: Leaky ducts are also a matter of health and safety. There’s no doubt that your indoor air quality can be affected, especially since things like insulation particles, gas, dust and outside chemicals can get sucked into unsealed ducts and distributed throughout your living spaces. In addition, improperly functioning ducts can cause humidity that leads to mold growth inside the air system. A lack of insulation is another reason for poor air quality.

PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air offers a free in-home analysis of insulation and ductwork. Call today to take advantage of this offer by scheduling an appointment with our experienced HVAC contractors in Mesa, AZ!