Winter Is a Good Time for an HVAC Tune-Up

The last thing anyone needs is another item on their to-do list, which is why many homeowners fail to schedule their HVAC tune-ups in Mesa, AZ. However, they’re an easy and low-commitment way to ensure that you won’t be surprised by your heater or air conditioner breaking down just when you need them most. Preventative maintenance is the key to great performance—and lower utility bills. All you need to do is pick up the phone and schedule a tune-up twice per year.

Why an HVAC tune-up is worth your while

Since Arizona tends to have milder winters than the rest of the country, winter is a great time for an HVAC appointment. Here’s why this service is so critical:

  • Keep your HVAC unit running efficiently: The most important reason to schedule an HVAC tune-up is, of course, to ensure your unit is running properly. It’s well worth the time and money to avoid problems later on down the road. Your HVAC technician will check the hardware, thermostat, ductwork and filters to make sure the system is functioning properly, so you can count on warm air when it’s cold outside, and air conditioning as soon as the hot Arizona summer arrives.
  • Spot problems before they harm your system: Getting a tune-up also gives your HVAC contractor in Mesa, AZ an opportunity to point out potential problems with your system. During the inspection, they’ll go over the entire system and let you know if parts look like they need to be repaired or replaced. They’ll also tell you if the system is reaching the end of its operable lifespan. If you’re considering a new HVAC unit, they can make recommendations for when the time comes. Take advantage of the easy opportunity to stay on top of your home maintenance.
  • Lower your utility bill: When your heater and air conditioner are running efficiently, they won’t require as much power or gas to control the indoor temperature. From changing your filters to patching up leaks in ductwork, your system will better be able to serve your needs. You should notice a drop in your energy bill after your next tune-up—and as long as you keep changing your filters regularly, the energy savings will likely continue.
  • Take advantage of the offseason: Finally, getting a tune-up in winter allows you to take advantage of the offseason. Since Mesa typically has mild winters—at least compared to the blistering hot summers—HVAC companies here are less busy during the fall, winter and spring. Some companies even offer discounts and incentives to keep business coming in. Why not jump on the additional savings and easier scheduling?

Scheduling your HVAC tune-up in Mesa, AZ is as easy as picking up the phone and calling your local HVAC contractor—and in return, you’ll rest easy knowing your system is running efficiently, with plenty of warning to fix any problems before they become big, costly messes.

To schedule your winter HVAC tune-up, get in touch with PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air today.