New Year, New Plumbing Maintenance Contract!

The older your home gets, the more likely you’re going to suffer some plumbing problems. That’s why it’s so important to keep up on your plumbing preventative maintenance. Like appliances and vehicles, the sooner you catch problems with your plumbing, the easier—and cheaper—it is to fix them. Luckily, many plumbing companies offer plumbing maintenance contracts in Mesa, AZ, making it simpler than ever to stay on top of your maintenance. Here’s why you should consider investing in a plumbing maintenance agreement with your favorite local plumber.

Set a schedule and payment plan in advance

A plumbing maintenance contract may differ from company to company, but the general idea remains the same: you pay a fee in advance and get a certain number of inspections and minor services during the term of the contract. They’re usually a year long, and may offer additional benefits besides an annual inspection and services.

Plumbing maintenance contracts offer great benefits

Here’s a closer look at some of the key advantages of getting enrolled in a plumbing maintenance program:

  • Schedule your annual inspection in advance: Your home needs an annual plumbing inspection, but few homeowners remember to schedule one until their toilets are overflowing and flooding the bathroom floor. Without an annual inspection, you’ll have no way of knowing what kinds of problems may be lurking underneath and inside your home.
  • Preventative maintenance reduces the chance of emergencies: The easiest, cheapest way to fix problems is to find and repair them early. That’s why preventative maintenance, like annual inspections and associated services, is key. Your plumber will let you know if there are any problems developing, and how urgent they are. If they’re minor services, they might even be included in your maintenance contract. Don’t wait until you find yourself unable to flush the toilet or do your laundry—schedule in advance to avoid emergencies.
  • Keep repair costs low: Plumbing emergencies are expensive. Not only are you paying for your plumber’s expertise and time, but you’re paying to get them out to your Mesa, AZ home or business as soon as possible. Plus, the longer the problem has been brewing, the more damage can accumulate in your pipes, foundation, walls and floors. Those costs add up quickly. Scheduling regular service with a maintenance agreement ensures that your costs will be included in the contract, or as low as possible since the problem was caught earlier.
  • Establish a relationship with your plumber: Finding and working with a great plumber should ideally be done before there’s an emergency. Most people go with the first available contractor during an emergency, rather than researching the best plumber and hiring them. Signing a maintenance contract allows you to research the company and get to know them on your time, so if an emergency does occur, you’ll know you’ve already got the best people possible on call.

Ultimately, plumbing maintenance contracts are an “insurance policy” for your plumbing system. By paying up front, you’re ensuring that you have a skilled and reliable plumber ready to help when you need it.

Are you looking to establish a plumbing maintenance contract in Mesa, AZ? PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air can help—call us today to learn more.