Whole House Water Filtration, Purification and Treatment Systems: Fact vs. Fiction

There are a lot of myths out there about water purification in Mesa, AZ. That’s why your local plumber is here to sort out the facts and keep you informed. Here are five things people often get wrong about water filtration systems, so you can get them right:

  • What happens in the attic stays in the attic: Water softeners help extend the life of appliances and help keep your plumbing pipes clear. What many people don’t realize is that this includes your condensate drain line in the AC unit in your attic. For proper maintenance, this drain line should be checked regularly. A clogged condensate drain line can result in hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in repairs due to ceiling water damage. Your local plumber in Mesa, AZ can perform an AC system check that can catch potentially clogged drain lines before they cause damage.
  • Water softeners change my water supply to saltwater: Yes, you add softener salts to a water softener system, but you are not putting salt in your water. The salt products allow the system to remove minerals that make the water hard. You will not taste salt in the water.
  • I need those minerals that the water softener is taking away: Calcium and other minerals can benefit bone health and other functions of the body. However, the deposits in hard water that water softeners are removing are inorganic minerals. They don’t provide benefits the way minerals that are consumed from food do.
  • My skin won’t feel clean with soft water: People have reported that their skin feels different when they bathe in soft water. The myth is that your skin will feel slimy due to a layer of water softener residue. The truth is the opposite. When you bathe in hard water, the liquid leaves a film of soap on your skin. When you bathe in soft water, your skin feels slicker because you’re able to feel your body’s natural oils. Your body isn’t covered in sticky soap. It’s clean and naturally smooth and silky instead.
  • I only need a water softener if I use a private well: Municipal water is far from perfect. Even if your water is supplied by the city, it’s probably still hard water. Since hard water can cause damage to fixtures and appliances, have a poor taste or aroma and affect your bathing experience, you may still want to consider adding a water softener to treat the water you’re getting from the municipal supply. Consult with your local plumber in Mesa, AZ to determine the best solution for your setting.

Get the truth

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