The Importance of AC System Maintenance: Don’t Forget the Drain Line!

You probably have your vehicle’s oil changed regularly. You probably understand the importance of regular teeth cleanings at the dentist’s office. But do you realize how crucial it is to maintain your AC system? Just like these other tasks prevent problems down the line, good AC maintenance prevents future air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ.
The fact is, partnering with an AC repair company in Mesa, AZ to perform regular maintenance on your unit offers several important benefits. Here’s what you need to know.

AC system maintenance saves time and money

Regular maintenance by a trained technician will allow you to discover minor issues with your system before they become major repairs. The professional can fine tune your system at each service call to prevent problems with your unit’s operation.

One item that this thorough system check will cover (which many homeowners overlook) is the condition of the condensate drain line. If this line becomes clogged, it can cause up to thousands of dollars in damage. A simple tune-up can catch clogged drain lines before they do any damage. PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air offers these tune-ups for just $99!

When you catch these issues early, you save yourself from major repairs, which can be time consuming, inconvenient and expensive. To keep air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ to a minimum, partner with a local AC repair company to properly maintain your system.

Regular tune-ups conserve energy

An air conditioner tune-up includes a thorough inspection and cleaning of all the components. It also involves making minor adjustments and repairs to keep your system running smoothly. These tasks ensure your unit runs efficiently, which maximizes energy use. This translates to lower utility bills. As a bonus, it also extends the life of your AC unit.

Clogs can happen to anyone

It doesn’t matter how clean your home is, whether you have pets or how often you run your air conditioner. If you don’t regularly inspect and clean your condensate line, it can get clogged over time. It is essential to complete this regular maintenance to avoid clogged drain lines. If the line becomes clogged, water will accumulate, overflow and cause damage to your home. This can also destroy the AC unit itself. Additionally, you will probably experience high utility bills, because the AC performance will suffer as the clog builds in the system.

To prevent these hazardous clogs, simply partner with a professional AC repair company in Mesa, AZ to complete seasonal maintenance on your unit. An expert tune-up each spring will do wonders for your unit and give you peace of mind.

Schedule your maintenance

Don’t neglect your AC system today and regret it tomorrow. We’re here to help you keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. Contact the team at PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air today to schedule your next maintenance service. We are your top source for inspections, cleanings, repairs and preventative maintenance. Our experts enjoy an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and we offer free estimates and same-day service at the guaranteed lowest price.