What You May Not Know About Water Heater Replacement in Mesa, AZ

Have you ever had to replace the water heater in your home? Because water heaters typically last eight to 12 years, this isn’t an everyday occurrence. If you move often enough, you might never run into this issue. For those who are inexperienced with water heater replacement in Mesa, AZ (or for those who haven’t done it in a while), you might be surprised at what you discover. Here’s the scoop.

Sticker Shock

Due to federal regulations, the average cost of water heater replacement in Mesa, AZ went up by 35 percent in 2015. This is when new regulations passed regarding the efficiency of these appliances. While homeowners will be able to enjoy greater efficiency from their water heater, they may be shocked at the new pricing when they start shopping for a new appliance.


Government officials are looking at long-term utility savings, but many homeowners are looking for alternative solutions. Rather than spend more on a traditional water heater, many consumers are seizing this as an opportunity to switch to a tankless water heater system. These modern machines offer many advantages over old-school water heaters that are causing them to grow in popularity.

Tankless Solutions

Valley-based TruTankless is at the forefront of these developments. This innovative tankless water heating system offers cutting-edge technology to provide a sophisticated solution for home water heating. The manufacturer focuses on energy conservation, long-term savings and endless hot water in the design of their appliances.

Tankless Benefits

The TruTankless water heater offers smart features and high efficiency. It is equipped with a touchscreen LCD, Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in safety features and a mobile app. Its stainless alloy elements allow the unit to operate with greater efficiency than other systems. A custom heat exchanger features ceramic thermal insulation. The flow meter maintains a consistent water temperature with one-degree-range accuracy. Owners of this water heater enjoy an endless, reliable hot water supply.

The TruTankless water heater is known for being twice as reliable and a third of the price of other tankless water heaters. Homeowners who use this system save money on the product and on future utility bills. It’s no wonder many are switching to this innovative solution!

Tankless Supplier

Are you interested in taking advantage of the benefits of a TruTankless system when you need water heater replacement Mesa, AZ? If so, you will need to contact a certified distributor. Be sure to contract with a company that is qualified to sell and install these units and offers the expertise needed to get the job done right.

Certified Professionals

PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air is a certified distributor and installer of these next-generation tankless water heaters. We have found that our customers love the cost savings on their initial purchase and their electric bill. They also enjoy the additional features such as Wi-Fi enablement that these units offer. If you need water heater replacement in Mesa, AZ, contact our team and find out more about tankless solutions. Reach out to our experienced professionals today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.