What the New REME HALO LED Can Do for Your Home’s Air

The air inside your home or building can actually be of worse quality than the air outside—and that’s saying something, considering the dust, air pollution and wildfire smoke that we breathe in on a frequent basis. Keeping your indoor air clean is more important now than ever, and the REME HALO LED can help you keep germs, viruses and mold—among other indoor pollutants—under control.

Adding a REME HALO LED to your HVAC system in Mesa, AZ can help you eliminate these indoor air pollutants and enhance the air quality in your home, allowing you to breathe easier, free from allergens and the threat of sick building syndrome. Here’s why you should consider upgrading your HVAC system today.


The REME HALO is an indoor air purification system, which is enhanced with the REME HALO LED. This upgraded system is an LED in-duct whole-home air purification system, which uses LED light technology to eliminate pathogens, pollutants and allergens. The system comes with a seven-year limited warranty along with a four-year cell warranty.

The system is designed to purify the air in a unique way. The REME HALO LED proactively sends out ionized oxidizers into your home’s air, which then attack pollutants in the air as well as on the surfaces. This is different than other LED air purifiers—normally, to purify the air, it would need to specifically pass through the UV light. The REME system has no such requirement, making it more efficient and effective.

The REME systems have been extensively tested by third-party labs, universities and corporations—and the results are impressive. The REME HALO LED can kill the H1N1 swine flu with a 99 percent kill rate on surfaces, as well as provide an 85 percent reduction in VOCs and odors and have an over 90 percent efficacy in killing mold, bacteria, microbes and more.

Can the REME HALO LED protect against coronavirus?

Coronavirus, of course, is one of the main reasons people are looking to upgrade or install a whole-home air purifier these days. After all, this respiratory disease is spread by coughing, sneezing or otherwise spreading respiratory droplets, and the virus can survive on surfaces for hours, if not days.

There’s good news and there’s bad news. First, the bad news: it’s too soon to have conducted conclusive tests about whether the REME HALO LED can specifically kill COVID-19—but the good news is that it has a 99 percent or higher kill rate on similar viruses. While neither we nor the company can guarantee that it will protect you against coronavirus, it is very likely that it will or already does.

Therefore, if you’re already considering a whole-home air purification system for your HVAC system in Mesa, AZ, you can’t go wrong with a REME HALO LED—but if you’re only considering it for COVID-19, it is likely but not guaranteed that it will have the effects you desire.

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