What Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber

professional plumber fixing the sink

Whether you’re in the market for a whole-home repiping job or just need some minor water leak repairs, if you are in a situation that requires you to call a plumber, you are probably overwhelmed and could use some guidance. It can be overwhelming to find a plumber if you are already dealing with the repercussions of a broken pipe or a malfunctioning toilet. You can find the right plumber if you ask the right questions when you call around for a quote. You should always be careful to research to find the best technician for the job. You want someone reliable and affordable to service the needs of your home like PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air.

Are You Certified and Licensed?

You should double-check when you call for a quote from a plumber and ask if they are certified or licensed. You want to ensure that whoever you trust to work on the plumbing in your home is qualified to do so. The last thing you need is someone who is underqualified to work on your home. This could lead to mistakes that would not otherwise be made that cause further damage.

Can I Get a Quote Before Hiring a Plumber for the Job?

You should never hire the first professional you call. When you require someone like a plumber to work on your home, you should do your research and call multiple companies. Ask if you can get a quote for services before you hire them. Once you have gathered detailed quotes from different companies, you can compare and contrast them to figure out what you need to do.

Can You Provide a Detailed Report of the Fees?

Unfortunately, it is possible that some professionals might try to hide fees within their final bill. To avoid paying for something you were unaware of, you can ask for a detailed report of service costs. When you are calling to book a plumber’s services, you should ask if this is something they can provide you with before you pay them for their services. If they are honest and reliable, they should have no problem agreeing to these terms before you hire them for services.

Do You Have Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance is an important thing to ask for when hiring a professional to come into your home. Liability insurance will help to cover costs if something goes wrong. This is a manual labor job, and something may go wrong that could harm your plumber or damage your home. Liability insurance will prevent you from having to pay for any damages. Only hire a plumber if they have liability insurance and workman’s comp.

What are Your Areas of Expertise?

Depending on your plumbing issue, you might need a plumber with specialized skills. When you call to hire a plumber, you can ask them what their area of expertise is. If they are more equipped to handle installation vs. repair, you need to know that before you hire them, especially if repair service is what you are looking for. When calling, ask plumbing companies for a quote to them if they have any specialized skills or areas of expertise.

Can You Provide References?

References are always a good way to verify the quality of a professional’s work. Ask every plumber you call for a quote if they have references. They should be able to give you the information of individuals who were satisfied with their work and can attest to their experience with this plumber. You can hire a plumber knowing how they conduct their work.

How Are Your Ratings and Reviews?

This is the first thing you should ask, and can easily done on your own with just a few clicks of the mouse. Do a quick search of their reviews through various online sources like Google, Facebook, and Yelp to see if they are highly rated and what their customers are saying. Glass Door is another online review source that shares what their employees have say about the company. You also want to pay attention to the total number of reviews they have. A five-star rating may look great, but if they only have one review it may not be an accurate indication of the quality, value and service they provide.

Do You Provide Warranties on Your Work?

A great question is whether or not they provide warranties on their work. Sometimes mistakes are made, and things go wrong after a plumber is finished with their work on your home. A warranty would guarantee that if something went wrong with your plumbing within a specific time frame, the plumber would come out to fix that issue for a reduced price or free of charge. A warranty guarantees quality work, and it is fair to ask a plumber if they offer warranties before you hire them for services.

How Many Years Have You Been in Business?

It is reasonable for you to want someone with enough experience to qualify for the job. If you hire someone with a good amount of experience, you can ask them how long they’ve been in business. You can usually find peace of mind knowing that a technician is reliable if they have years of experience.

If Your Plumber Notices a Separate Issue on the Job, Will They Repair It Right Away or Bring it to My Attention?

You can ask them if they plan to notify you of all issues they encounter while working on your home. If they find damage, they should fix it immediately or bring it to your attention before they proceed. If they work outside your original agreement, it could cost you more money.

Final Thoughts

Finding a plumber to take good care of your home can be daunting. You don’t want to worry about which plumbers are reliable and which aren’t when searching for the best technician for the job. You can ask several questions to help you find the most reliable plumber. Make sure you figure out who has the best price for service, ask for referrals, make sure they have insurance, and make sure they are licensed professionals before you hire them for your plumbing issues.

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