How to Properly Care for Your AC Unit

Your central air conditioning system can be a lifesaver during the hot summer months. When temperatures begin to rise, simply turn the AC on, then sit back and relax in cool comfort. But you must take measures to ensure the cold air keeps coming. No homeowner wants to hear they need expensive AC repair in Mesa, AZ! Luckily, a little preventative maintenance every now and then can save you money in the long run. Here’s a closer look at how to properly care for and maintain your home’s air conditioning unit:

  • Check and change the air filter: One of the most important steps in AC maintenance is changing the air filter on a regular basis. It’s one of the easiest things to do each month (or as recommended by the filter manufacturer), and can be done in about a minute. The filter is in place to trap unhealthy particles in the air, like dust, dirt, pet dander and pollen, keeping it all from floating freely in the air you breathe. However, a dirty or clogged filter will not work as efficiently as it should—it puts strain on your AC and compromises indoor air quality.
  • Clean the coils: Air conditioners have many important components, including the coils. They function to help refrigerant absorb heat and cool down your home, but too much dirt on the coils can reduce the amount of heat they can absorb. Cleaning the coils keeps your AC system from having to overwork to cool your house, and clearing the area around the condenser unit of debris helps avoid placing unnecessary strain on the system.
  • Vacuum ducts and vents: Removing dust and debris buildup from inside ducts from time to time keeps gross stuff from being blown into your living spaces. So, a couple times a year, it doesn’t hurt to vacuum the air vents in your house and clean out the ductwork a couple feet in. Alternatively, you can consider hiring a company that specializes in professional ductwork cleaning.
  • Look closely at the condensate drain: Another crucial part of any air conditioning system is the condensate drain, which allows the condensation inside the system to drain to the outside. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for the condensate drain to become clogged over time. Checking for proper drainage is key to ensuring this part functions efficiently. Call an AC expert for help unclogging any obstruction that’s causing drainage issues.
  • Inspect the fins: Every air conditioning system has a condenser and an evaporator, each of which has fins. With age, the fins can bend and inhibit airflow, which is why they need to be checked regularly and repaired or replaced if bent.
  • Schedule professional AC services: Yes, when it comes to AC maintenance, there’s a lot that homeowners can do themselves, but this is not a must. You work and have family obligations and other responsibilities that may keep you from keeping up on maintenance. Schedule seasonal professional AC checkups instead.

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