Save Energy and Money with These APS and SRP Incentives and Rebates

energy efficiency

Who doesn’t love saving money—especially when it helps you get much-needed energy-efficient home upgrades? APS and SRP are currently offering great incentives and rebates when you upgrade or repair your home’s heating and cooling systems. If you’re thinking about upgrading to energy-saving thermostats and HVAC systems in Mesa, AZ, now is a great time to do so.
Here are just a few of the incentives or rebates you may qualify for.


Arizona Public Service (APS) offers several rebates when you upgrade or repair your home’s HVAC, thermostat and water heater:

  • AC upgrade rebate: Thinking about replacing your 10-year-old (or older) air conditioner? Save $200 with a rebate, and get an additional $250 if you have your air leaks sealed at the same time.
  • Cool control rebate: Do you have a cool control device? This device runs the fan for five minutes after your air conditioner’s compressor shuts off, which takes advantage of all the cold air in your ducts. You can get $70 back when you install one, and save up to 10 percent on your energy bill.
  • Duct repair and sealing rebate: If your ducts are leaking air, you’re leaking money. Get $250 when you have an HVAC contractor seal up your leaky ducts.
  • Insulation rebate: Get $250 back when you insulate your home, whether by installing completely new insulation or replacing old materials. Plus, you’ll save money on your energy bill.
  • Smart thermostat rebate: If you buy a smart thermostat on the APS marketplace, you’ll get a $30 rebate, plus an additional $75 if you sign up for their Cool Rewards program.
  • Water heater timer rebate: Add a water heater timer to take advantage of off-peak hours (and lower rates). You’ll get a $200 rebate in return.


SRP is a community-based not-for-profit water and energy company in Arizona:

Air conditioning rebates: You can save up to $1,125 when you install an energy-efficient AC, heat pump or mini-split system. Plus, they’ll save you even more on your energy bills.

Duct repair rebate: Get up to $400 back when you get your ductwork inspected and repaired by participating contractors.

Free shade trees: One of the best ways to keep your home cool is to plant shade trees on the sunniest sides—and you can get two for free when you sign up for a virtual workshop.

Home energy audit rebate: Energy audits help you learn where your home is energy efficient and where it needs help. Save up to $100 with this rebate.

Insulation rebate: Installing new insulation? You can save up to $600 with SRP’s insulation rebate.

Shade screen rebates: Get 80 cents per square foot in rebates when you install energy-saving shade screens on your windows.

Smart thermostat rebate: Get up to $100 when you use smart thermostats, plus an additional $25 per thermostat in subsequent years.

If you’re interested in applying for these energy-saving thermostat and HVAC system rebates in Mesa, AZ, PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air can help. Call today to get started.