My House Flooded—What Should I Do?

Flooding can happen just about anywhere, so it’s best to be prepared to know what to do when it happens. Although it’s unavoidable, you can still prepare for it by knowing what to do if your house floods, and being ready to reach out for water damage restoration services in Mesa, AZ after you’ve contained the problem. Here are the first steps to take if your home floods:

  • Turn off/stop the water: If the source of the flood isn’t an act of nature like a rainstorm, you should be able to turn off the main water valve to the house to stop the water flow. It’s a good idea to know where this is located before an emergency to enable you to act quickly if the time comes.
  • Turn off electricity: Don’t walk through water to get to the fuse box, but if you can get to it, turn off the power to your home. Call an electrician if you can’t safely reach the fuse box.
  • Keep records: It might not be the first thing on your mind in this type of crisis to take notes, but doing so will help with the insurance process in the aftermath. Taking photos or video, even a few short clips, can not only provide solid evidence but also help you jog your own memory of the events.
  • Evacuate the building: You will want to make sure everyone gets out of the home as soon as possible. Yes, this is because nobody wants to get soaked, but depending on the source of the flood, there may be hazardous sewage or debris in water that you’re unaware of. Make sure all adults, kids and pets are accounted for and safe outside of the home.
  • Call for help: Once everyone is safe and accounted for, now it’s time to think about who to call for help. If there’s a medical emergency, call 911. Other than that, you’ll want to call your insurer (if you’re a homeowner) and explain that there has been water damage. Be sure to ask if you can begin the cleanup immediately or if you need to wait for an adjuster to come and visit your home first. If you’re a renter, call your landlord and explain the situation.
  • Begin cleaning up: The cleanup process can be long and arduous, and you’ll need to take proper safety precautions to avoid contamination with any bacteria or other hazards you may encounter. A company specializing in water damage restoration services can help with this efficiently and effectively.
  • Keep an eye out for mold: The silent scourge of mold will need to be monitored in the days and weeks after cleanup. Black mold especially can be harmful to your health. To avoid a mold problem, keep areas that flooded as dry as possible. Treat any mold issues with a heavy-duty cleaner, like bleach.

Get water damage restoration services in Mesa, AZ

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Should You Hire a Plumber for Water Damage Restoration?

When people hear the phrase “water damage,” the immediate image that comes to mind is a flooded basement. However, water damage can occur on a much smaller scale, but still be just as disruptive. In fact, most reports of residential water damage are more common, everyday mishaps such as washing machine leaks or frozen pipes.

For a lot of homeowners who are not in areas prone to flooding, water damage is simply not something they think about. But when faced with a water damage situation, they’re often at a loss as to how to start fixing the problem.

Who can help?

The first question on a homeowner’s mind when faced with water damage is who to call. While you may be tempted to call the first water damage restoration company in Mesa, AZ that you find, you may end up with a contractor who won’t be able to best meet your needs. Your best option is to call a plumber who also has expertise in water damage. Plumbers with expertise in water damage restoration are able to offer you a one-call solution to your problem.

What will a plumber do?

When hiring a plumber and water damage restoration company in Mesa, AZ separately, you risk one part of your problem not being addressed promptly and appropriately. When you use a plumber who also has expertise in water damage restoration, he will be able to quickly assess the source of the problem and rectify it. From there, he can transition right into the cleanup phase.

How water damage is addressed often depends on the source and scope of the original problem. Plumbers are able to assess the water damage and come up with a strategy to best resolve the issue and the cleanup.

Depending on the type of water that caused the damage and the area affected by the water, a plumber will be able to devise a cleaning solution that will not only remove the water and surface signs of damage, but will also offer a deep clean and remove bacteria and odors. Having this comprehensive approach is necessary to avoid long-term damage such as mold, mildew and even structural problems.

How do you know which plumber to hire?

You can’t just hire any plumber who claims to possess knowledge of water damage restoration. Effective water damage restoration services must be backed by extensive knowledge, skill and experience. When evaluating a plumber, be sure to check their track record, services and reviews. You should also talk to the plumbers you are considering and make sure they offer the following services:

Anyone you are looking to hire should have expertise in all these areas.

No matter the source of your water damage, a plumber with skills in water damage restoration can help. If you ever find yourself facing water damage, be sure to check out PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air, your local plumbing and water damage restoration company in Mesa, AZ!