Garbage Disposals: Repair or Replace?

Garbage disposals make life in the kitchen — from cooking to cleaning dishes — so much more pleasant. But a garbage disposal is a complicated piece of equipment that should only installed by an experienced professional.

If you are considering adding a garbage disposal to your kitchen or having a problem with your existing garbage disposal, call PlumbSmart. We can typically offer a free estimate over the phone to install a new or replacement garbage disposal.

What Is The Ideal Solution?

In a word: Price. We want to resolve your issues and set you up with a working garbage disposal at the lowest price. A service visit and repair of your existing garbage disposal (when a repair is even possible) will almost always cost as much or more than simply replacing the garbage disposal. Meanwhile, the blades inside a garbage disposal dull and other mechanisms wear out over time, so simply replacing the defective or ineffective unit with a new one will almost always be the ideal solution.

Sounds expensive. Are you sure this is a good idea?

Adding a garbage disposal to your kitchen or replacing a malfunctioning one is remarkably affordable, even with the best-in-class professional installation services we offer. Typically, our price for a new garbage disposal installation is about HALF what our competitors charge.

So, whether you’ve put off upgrading your kitchen by adding a garbage disposal or your existing garbage disposal simply isn’t getting the job done anymore, please give us a call. We will be happy to install a brand new garbage disposal in your home that will make your kitchen a much more pleasant (if occasionally much louder) place.

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