Why You Should Hire a Sewer Camera Inspection Service

It is usually pretty obvious when you have a sewer problem—foul odors, gurgling sounds and even backed-up, raw sewage are unmistakable signs of a plumbing issue. Unfortunately, identifying the source of that problem can be a bit more difficult, which is why you should hire a plumber to perform a sewer line inspection to help with your sewer drain cleaning in Mesa, AZ.

How does a sewer camera work and when would I need one?

A sewer camera is a small, waterproof camera that is attached to a thin, flexible rod. It is outfitted with ultra-bright LED lights to improve visibility. The camera is small enough to fit into pipes and drains, and the flexible rod helps maneuver around the pipes and blockages. Your plumber can look at the live video feed to determine what’s happening and make decisions about how to fix it.

In many cases, you won’t need a camera inspection—there are many clogs and repairs that are obvious to experienced plumbers. However, if your drains or toilets keep backing up, or if your plumber thinks there’s something “off” about your pipes, getting a camera inspection is a faster and easier way to find the issue. Here are some benefits this service can offer:

  • Permanent video file: If you’re running a business, it’s particularly smart to keep a record of your plumbing problems and solutions for insurance purposes—after all, if you have a major issue that causes property damage, they’ll want proof that you made attempts to repair and maintain your plumbing system. Using a sewer camera inspection allows you to keep a permanent video file on hand for insurance as well as any future repairs.
  • Know exactly where and what the problem is: Camera inspections make it very easy for plumbers to pinpoint the exact location of the problem and figure out what it is, all in a non-invasive manner. This helps ensure that your home or office won’t be unnecessarily dismantled for repairs.
  • Efficient way to find a solution: Rather than rooting around for the answer to your plumbing issue, which can cause additional problems or disarray, a sewer camera inspection saves time, mess and money. Being able to use a portable device to determine the nature of the problem is much faster than running less efficient and less accurate tests.

Not sure if a sewer camera inspection is right for you? Ask your plumber what they advise. Your plumber will be able to tell you if they suspect it’s a simple clog or if you might be dealing with something major, like root intrusion.

Sewer drain cleaning in Mesa, AZ

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