Who is the Largest HVAC Manufacturer in the USA?

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The U.S. air conditioning market is massive, with Fortune Business Insights estimating it will hit 62.31 billion by 2029. According to Statista, the USA has 100,000+ HVAC establishments, some with up to 500 employees. These statistics point to the HVAC industry’s enormity and growth potential.

So, with all these numbers, who is the largest HVAC manufacturer in the USA? This blog post will identify and describe large manufacturers in the U.S. air conditioning space and give more details about what makes them stand out.

More specifically, the blog discusses and highlights the following:

  • The company’s profile and what it offers
  • The company’s uniqueness or what makes it the best
  • A recommendation of one of the best plumbing and HVAC repair companies whom we believe will serve you well

Trane Technologies

Despite being purchased by American Standard, Trane Technologies is a giant in the U.S. air conditioning space. This Davidson, North Carolina-based HVAC equipment manufacturer continues producing air conditioning products under its brand name. It began operations by making low-pressure systems in 1885, but in 1931 it got into the air conditioning market.

Trane is known for innovative heating and cooling systems that exceed the default industry standard. Some of these are whole-home air cleaners and smart thermostats. Others include packaged systems, air handlers, furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners.

The company’s products are perfect for:

  • Homeowners who struggle with corrosion
  • If looking for a brand name and quality products

On the contrary, the company’s HVAC products aren’t fit for:

  • If you don’t season your HVAC system occasionally
  • People looking for quiet products
  • Individuals looking to save

Trane Technologies’ prices on its website aren’t final figures but a guideline. Purchase and installation costs for furnaces can cost up to $5,800, air conditioners $14,000, and heat pumps $12,800.


Known for quality control processes and excellent warranties, Goodman is a USA HVAC company designing, engineering, and assembling all its products on U.S. soil. Established in 1975, it manufactures air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless systems.

The company is ideally suited for lovers of American-made quality brands. However, it won’t serve those seeking maximum SEER-rated and quietly operating products. The company’s products aren’t the most technologically advanced but are reliable.

Since its acquisition in 2012 by Daikin, the company now focuses on giving clients durable products. Apart from the warranties, some products come with a heat exchanger or lifetime compressor warranties. Goodman’s products are relatively affordable. You will pay between $3,000 to $4,200 for a heat pump or an air conditioner. Installing a furnace will cost you between 2,000 to $3,250.

American Standard

Based in New Jersey, American Standard is one of the oldest HVAC companies on U.S. soil. The company was founded in 1872 and offers products for the commercial and residential markets. Some of its product lines include air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless systems.

The products are tested under a simulated harsh environment to ensure efficiency and high performance. Due to this, American Standard’s products are considered excellent for:

  • People looking for a trusted brand
  • Small and mobile home owners
  • If you live in harsh climatic conditions

On the other hand, the products will not serve you if you’re on a budget and need a quiet or highly efficient product. From its website, the prices range depending on a few factors, such as home size and location. However, the average purchase and installation cost will be between:

  • $5,800 and $12,800 for an air conditioner
  • $5,800 and $11,600 for a heat pump
  • $3,400 and $8,000 for a furnace


Considered among the pioneers in the U.S. air conditioning industry, Bryant is a 1904-established company operating under Carrier Global Corporation. Bryant produces and sells ductless systems, heat pumps, furnaces, and air conditioners. 

Its air conditioners have a sound blanket and an inverter-driven compressor for reduced noise. Similarly, the furnaces are perfect and work at an efficiency level of 98.3%. The company has three product lines legacy, preferred, and evolution. Legacy line products are budget-friendly, preferred, are energy-efficient, while evolution consists of high-performing products.

Bryant’s products will suit those:

  • Looking for exceptionally quiet products
  • Looking for energy-efficient products
  • Who want high-quality products but on a budget  

In contrast, it will not serve you well if:

  • You’re moving with the latest innovation
  • Looking for a long-term warranty


Established 125+ years ago, Lennox is a Richardson, Texas-based HVAC company with manufacturing and distribution plants scattered throughout North America. Additionally, it has 6,000+ dealers stocking the products, meaning it’s easier to get their products near you.

Lennox is known for energy-efficient products such as air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, and mini-split systems. Thus, the company is best for individuals looking to save their power utility bills. Also, the company’s products are ideal for people looking for a legit brand name and who live in areas with extreme weather.

The company doesn’t list its prices on the website even though many agree Lennox products are one of the most expensive. On the contrary, Lennox’s products aren’t recommended if you’re looking for quiet products or are on a budget. However, this initial cost is compensated for if you consider the long-term energy cost it will save you.

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