Three Things You Should Know About Tankless Water Heaters

Have you ever had a relaxing, hot shower unexpectedly turn into a freezing-cold nightmare? If your water heater isn’t working correctly, or if you have a lot of people in the household taking showers and running appliances, running out of hot water is a huge annoyance. If you’ve been thinking about installing a tankless water heater in Mesa, AZ, here’s a quick guide to how they work and why they may be a great option for your needs.

How does a tankless water heater function?

A tankless water heater responds as soon as you turn on a shower, dishwasher, washing machine or any other household appliance that requires water. Cold water enters the machine and is heated by either a gas burner or an electrical element. As the water enters the machine, it’s preheated by a heat exchanger to capture extra or latent heat. Before the water travels through the pipes and out of your faucets or into your appliances, it passes through the heat exchanger until it hits an acceptable temperature. The heater will automatically adjust the flame so that the water is able to stay at your desired temperature.

Why is a tankless water heater right for me?

A tankless water heater in Mesa, AZ adds convenience to your everyday life. It provides a constant supply of hot water on demand. That means no more cold showers in the morning, and no more wasting water as you wait for it to hit the right temperature. They’re more energy efficient than old-fashioned water heaters, helping you reduce your monthly energy bills and your carbon footprint. If you’re looking to help the environment and your pocketbook, installing a tankless water heater is an excellent home improvement option.

Tankless water heaters are wall-mounted, which means you can ditch your old, bulky tank water heater for a modern and attractive option. Consult with your local plumbing expert in Mesa, AZ to discover the best location for your unit. A professional may recommend installing two units to maximize efficiency.

You can feel confident that switching to a tankless water heater is a safe option for you and your family. Since you’ve gotten rid of the tank, you’re no longer susceptible to overheating or spikes in pressure that can cause standard water heaters to burst.

Who should install a tankless water heater?

If you want to make the most of your investment and get optimal efficiency from your new tankless water heater, you need to have it installed by a professional. A reputable local plumbing company in Mesa, AZ looks at all the factors, including desired fuel type, climate and all local code requirements that go along with selecting and installing the best tankless water heater for your needs. They’ll also help you with periodic maintenance and any repairs that may come up. Taking care of your investment will extend its lifespan and increase your level of comfort at home.

If you decide to add an energy-efficient tankless water heater to your Mesa, AZ home, make sure the job is done the right way. Contact PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air to install this great feature and enjoy increased comfort in your daily life.