PlumbSmart Recognized for Community and Charity Work This Winter

Winter in Arizona can still be fraught with heating and plumbing issues. These are often tiresome circumstances for homeowners, and no one wants to face these expensive and inconvenient events. But when they arise, the plumbers in Mesa, AZ at PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air are here to help.

Excellent customer service

Owner Wayne Decker founded PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air to address customer service gaps he found in the industry. The company focuses on providing high-quality service at affordable prices, and all work is backed by lifetime guarantees.

“I started PlumbSmart as an answer to an industry where basically it preys on the ignorance of homeowners, like auto repair and other home services,” says Wayne. “They charge too much. In fact, every one of our company trucks now has our motto, ‘Plumbers Charge Too Much!’ because they do industry-wide.”

This focus on service and a desire to be different paid off. PlumbSmart was voted by consumers as the top plumber in Mesa, with nearly 1,000 five-star reviews. The company has also earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

“I will not allow there to be a complaint against me that I’m aware of, whether it’s money back, redoing it, whatever it takes,” says Wayne. “If a customer lets us know, and we try our best to get a hold of them, we’ll solve the problem.”

Service to the community

PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air’s desire to avoid overcharging also transfers to a commitment to the community. Wayne considers himself an advocate for customers in a market that often overcharges and recommends services that may not be necessary. His mission is to form relationships with customers and offer transparency in every transaction.

“We want to be all things to all people,” says Wayne. “If it’s a single mom and she’s living paycheck to paycheck or an elderly couple who are on a fixed income, we’re going to fix their problem. We’re going to work with them in whatever way we need to and that includes benevolent repairs.”

Last summer, a customer called PlumbSmart when her home air conditioner quit functioning. She did not have the means to pay for the repairs, and was in a panic during the hot summer. PlumbSmart not only fixed the problem, but also did not charge her for the repairs.

“We remind our guys that they’re servants,” says Wayne. “Life is really, really tough and when they have somebody that’s pleasant and caring, especially about their pocketbook, that matters. You want a servant in your home. You want somebody that’s on your side, not somebody that’s telling things you don’t really understand and giving you a price that shocks you.”

This approach also includes a service that is rarely offered in the industry: PlumbSmart’s professional plumbers in Mesa, AZ also help homeowners make their own repairs.

“We have no problem with a customer calling us and saying, ‘Hey we want to change out our own garbage disposal, can you kind of look over my shoulder over the phone and tell me what to look out for and give some tips?’” says Wayne.

If you require the assistance of an HVAC technician or plumber in Mesa, AZ, you cannot go wrong with PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air. Check out our money-saving coupons and contact us today to schedule a visit!