How Regular Plumbing Maintenance Saves You Money

Most people call a plumber in Mesa, AZ when they’ve got a problem on their hands. A sink is clogged or the toilet is backing up and there’s no time to waste in finding a solution! This is where those big plumbing bills come from and why so many people try to avoid calling a professional at all costs.

The irony is, most people could avoid that big plumbing bill by settling for a much smaller one. Paying for routine leak detection in Mesa, AZ or having your sewer line scoped annually will cost you… but not nearly as much as an emergency. Moving up your call to a plumber means avoiding a future bill with extra decimal places.

Preventative maintenance

The first way you can save yourself money is through preventative plumbing maintenance. Giving a plumber a call to have your plumbing inspected and your amenities tested could result in untold savings:

  • A sewer line inspection may only run you a hundred dollars or so, but it can save you thousands if you find and resolve an issue in its early stages.
  • Fixing flow issues with a toilet can shave tens of dollars off your monthly water bill, resulting in hundreds saved annually.
  • Correcting leaks under sinks or in plumbing closets will save you threefold: on your utility bill, in prevented water damage and in preventing a future plumbing failure.
  • Unclogging and cleaning drains will prevent costly backups that may need augering or hydro-jetting in the future.

Each preventative maintenance item takes away from a future plumbing bill you’ll have to pay. Staying up on plumbing maintenance may even mean erasing an emergency plumbing bill later on!

Longer-lasting solutions

One of the under-appreciated benefits of proactive plumbing is the longevity it affords your pipes and fixtures. Nothing is costlier than having sections of plumbing replaced or having to pay a professional for completely new fixture installations. Proper maintenance keeps your hardware in good shape.

Plumbing that’s generally maintained isn’t as prone to failure, either. You’ll have peace of mind against the likes of leaks and corrosion, as well as simple things like flow and water pressure. Your plumbing will be able to handle your daily demands better, for longer.

It’s all about the money

It’s hard for a homeowner to hand over $200 to a plumber when there’s no immediate emergency. It’s even harder when your routine plumbing inspection turns up an all-clear report, with no issues.

Don’t look at inspections and proactive maintenance as a sunk cost—look at it as the cost of peace of mind. Without someone looking out for your plumbing’s integrity and functionality, who knows what types of costs are lurking in the future? Paying upfront for regular maintenance means staying ahead of any unknown costs.

Just like your HVAC system needs seasonal checkups and your car needs an oil change every 5,000 miles, your plumbing needs maintenance too. Taking it to heart and making the investment is something “future you” will pat your current self on the back for, instead of cursing them as they write a check to the emergency plumber in Mesa, AZ.