Gas Lines for Outdoor Features

The weather is warm, the days are longer, and it is time for outdoor cooking and entertaining. There are so many features that you can choose for your outdoor decor that make your backyard enjoyable. A well dressed patio often features a gas grill, or even a whole outdoor kitchen. Gas fire pits are also nice, for an enjoyable fire to sit around in the evening. You can roast marshmallows with the kids. They always love that.


So many of these are propane versions, which have you loading empty canisters into your car and dragging them to the exchange point. Often as not, you turn on the grill only to discover you should have already done that. Not only is this a hassle, but do you really want a pressure vessel full of flammable liquid in your car on a hot day? Do you know that heat reduces the filling capacity of a propane bottle, and that if it gets too hot you could have the safety lift?

Natural Gas

This is why you might seriously consider having these outdoor features run off of the natural gas line that serves your house. You have all of these wonderful features without the safety worries of transporting and exchanging those propane canisters. Best of all, you will never go out to your grill, outdoor kitchen, or fire pit with a fun evening planned and discover you don’t have gas.

At PlumbSmart, we know gas line, and we know that any new gas appliances you wish to add requires that your system is professionally sized to determine if it can properly handle the additional demand. PlumbSmart will inspect your system at no charge. You will enjoy knowing that your outdoor gas features are professionally installed a. perfect for your entertaining pleasure and your family’s safety.

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