Replace Your Tub With A Shower

Day-after-day there you are standing in the tub taking a shower, and if you are like most people you almost never take a sit-down bath. A study once found that the most dangerous place in your house is standing in the bathtub. If you are not taking baths, how about making your space work better for you. There is plenty of room for a nice walk-in shower in the space your tub is now. There is water and a drain in the space, so you will need a minimum of reworking on your plumbing. So for a safer more useful bathroom, get rid of the unused tub.

If your bathroom has not been up-dated, this would be a good time to get the whole room redone. If you are budget conscious, keep in mind that up-dating without rearranging is much less expensive. This would include replacing old fixtures with new ones, and can also mean replacing the old tile with new ones. By doing this, you can give your bathroom with a fresh new look in colors and styles to match your tastes.

A glass enclosure for your new shower will make your whole bathroom look more open and brighter. You can even have a niche built-in for shampoo and soap, or opt for a handy shelf or two. Since the space is long, you have room for a convenient bench. Also, your new shower will help you in the future if you decide to stay in your home into retirement. Or if you don’t, it could be a selling point in the when the time comes, because the population is aging. Most retirement aged people find a shower with a place to sit is the best answer for keeping clean.

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