Hot Ideas for a New Kitchen

The biggest trend in kitchens today is white with white. This is often coupled with a granite countertop, or if you are really brave, marble. If you cook a lot and don’t like stains, don’t pick marble as it tends to stain easily. One of the best things about a white kitchen is that you can add splashes of color to spice things up, as seen here from HGTV. Another trend to add color to a white kitchen is an island in a different color, often bold or bright, as seen here from Better Homes & Gardens.

White is not the only color out there this year. Grays, greens, and blues in every shade imaginable are being used by today’s designers. Near whites are in style in every shade. Just barely blue, green, cream, grey, or even yellow. So if you want the brightness of white, and don’t love the starkness of it, this is the way to go.

Another trend in kitchens today is that your cabinets do not have to be all the same color. Darker cabinets on the bottom, and lighter ones on top makes a dramatic look. Or for an even more dramatic look, add a splash of color to your kitchen. Bold back-splashes are also in style, from bold prints to bright colors.

Appliances are still tending to be stainless, but other metal in the kitchen is often changed up now. Copper, brass, gold-tone, and stainless can be exhibited in the same kitchen. A copper pendant light over a sink or island, stainless appliances, gold-tone drawer pulls can all be at home in today’s kitchen. Farmhouse sinks are still an eye-catching touch to the modern kitchen, and come in so many colors and options. You can even get your new farmhouse sink in antique copper.

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Home Spa Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom is where you get energized in the morning and recover from a long day. The ideal bathroom is one that offers a sense of well-being. A luxurious home spa is more than a bathroom, it is a retreat from the pressures of the world. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, here are some key remodeling tips that will help you achieve the best results.

Your space will define the scope of your retreat. You want to choose your bathtub and shower to fit the space. A bathroom becomes cramped and awkward the tub and shower are too big for the room. Soak tubs come in so many shapes and sizes that you do not have to sacrifice comfort for fit. For small spaces, you can choose a combination tub/shower that will add to your home spa without cramping your room. If your space is large, such as making over that extra bedroom into your new relaxing home spa, you will want to choose accordingly. Whether big or small, you can have your dream bathroom.

Texture and color are important to a home spa. You want to make this into a relaxing refuge, and to do that you will want to remember the rest of your house. You want changes to be subtle and soothing, not sudden and jarring. If you have a predominate color scheme, continue at least some elements of this into the bathroom. Choose your flooring with the thought that you will have water and bare feet. Tile or natural stone floors are friendly to both, and come in so many options for color and texture.

Cabinets that look like furniture and round vanity mirrors are also in style. Mirrors and light colors are also good for making it feel like you have more space than you do. Showers are also fun places to make your room the oasis of relaxation. In small spaces consider glass doors and continuing the floor tile into the shower for a larger feel.

Whether your space is large or small, you can have a luxurious start and finish to your day. At PlumbSmart, we look forward to helping you create your dream bathroom, and make it a reality.

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