Benefits of Financing an AC Unit

Let’s face facts: Most of the year in Arizona is going to require well-functioning air conditioning to keep you comfortable. Maybe you’re looking to purchase a new unit for an unconditioned space, or perhaps you need to replace a unit that’s on the fritz. Whatever the case may be, the expense of a new AC system may have you a bit apprehensive. After all, maintaining a household is an expensive venture, and we’re all looking to cut costs wherever is convenient.

That’s where financing air conditioning in Mesa, AZ comes in. Through a convenient and reasonable financing plan, you can easily afford a new AC unit. Let’s take a look at the benefits of investing in a new air conditioner.

  • AC is a must-have: In other parts of the country, an air conditioning unit might be a luxury. Sure, the summers become quite warm, but then the sun retreats and the days are comfortable again. But in Arizona, it’s a battle between you and the desert heat. Did you know that more than 100 days out of the year, the daily high is at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit? That means heat-related illness is serious business, no matter what your age. Having a properly functioning air conditioning unit isn’t a luxury in Arizona—it’s a necessity.
  • Emergency savings: You might think that if you stretch your budget just a bit, you can afford to purchase a new air conditioning unit outright. But why do that when you can finance the expense and pay it off little by little over time? You need a cushion for emergency savings if your car breaks down or a large medical cost pops up. Protect those savings by spreading the cost of the new AC unit out over time. It’s simply a smart financial decision.
  • Save money, too: Old air conditioning units are costing you more than you think. You know how your energy bill seems to be higher year after year? That’s because your old air conditioning unit isn’t functioning properly and has to work harder to keep up. By investing in new air conditioning in Mesa, AZ, you’ll have the latest in energy-efficient options. Today’s models are rated much higher on energy efficiency, leading to 33 percent in energy cost savings year after year. Invest now and reap the benefits later!

When you’re searching for an AC company in Mesa, AZ, you have plenty of options, but you want to choose a trusted local company with a reputation built on hundreds of positive reviews. That’s what PlumbSmart Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning delivers. Whether you need expert technicians to repair your AC, or you’re looking to purchase a new unit, we offer fast, convenient and affordable services tailored to meet your needs.

From affordable air conditioner repair to water heater replacement, we provide 24-hour service and a lifetime warranty. And, we offer financing options to help you afford a new unit right away! Call us right now to learn more about our services and receive a free estimate.