5 Signs Your AC Needs Repairs

5 Signs Your AC Needs Repairs
The weather is starting to warm up, and air conditioning season is here. There are some signs you can watch for that will let you know your air conditioner is in need of repair or even replacement. The earlier in the season that you catch these problems, the less likely you will face extreme temperatures without a working unit.

  • Poor air flow

It feels like the fan is not moving air like it should. This can mean that your compressor is failing, or your duct work might be to blame.

  • Parts of your home are getting cooler and others are not

This could be a problem with the thermostat, or with the AC unit.

  • Odd or loud sounds

Anytime your unit is making odd or excessive noises, it is a sign of a problem, it may mean that your unit is getting ready to fail. Sometimes it is something simpler, and getting your unit serviced quickly could prevent failure.

  • Strange odors

Odors are a sign of a problem. Musty smells are of sign of moisture in your unit or duct work, and are a sign that moisture is getting someplace it shouldn’t. This is not only bad for your air conditioner, it is bad for the health of your family. Acrid or pungent smells are a sign of something getting hot that really shouldn’t.

  • Ice build-up

If you can see ice on your AC unit, this is a sign that your unit is seriously having problems.

Under any of these circumstances, it is time to call for repair and possibly replacement of your air conditioner. When it is a minor problem, getting the unit repaired can prevent your needing to replace it. When it is time to replace your AC, there is financing available, and we can help you with that. We will also help you get rebates that will cut your cost. At PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning, we always offer you quality service, the best warranty in the industry, and the lowest possible prices.

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