Water Damage Restoration

Whether from a burst pipe or Mother Nature, water damage in your home needs to be remediated quickly and thoroughly to prevent even larger problems from developing, such as mold. PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air is ready to help whenever and wherever water has caused chaos in your home. Through complete water damage restoration service in Mesa, AZ, we’ll eliminate any evidence of water and restore your home to a clean, safe condition.

We take a complete approach to water damage remediation. First, we remove all standing water and stop the source, whatever it may be. Then, we properly dry the area and dehumidify the space, removing excess moisture. From there, we disinfect and clean, providing whatever level of intervention is required to restore the integrity of your space. By the time we’re done, you’ll never be able to tell anything happened!

Water Line Repair

Unlike most other water damage restoration companies in Mesa, AZ, we don’t just remediate and leave. We’re also ready to get to the bottom of your water issues and make sure they don’t happen again. Often, this means repairing water lines and remedying issues that cause them to fail. If your water line is old and damaged or you need a brand-new line installed, let us help you set the situation right.

Sump Pump Services

Water in the home is often the result of a sump pump failure or overload. If your pump is unable to cope with excess water and your basement floods as a result, give us a call. We can install or service your sump pump to make sure everything is working as it should be. From float fixes to pump sensor regulation, we’ll make sure the next time water comes into your home, your pump will be ready to send it right back out again.

Water can cause absolute destruction when left unchecked. Keep it in the plumbing and out of your home where it can cause the most damage! PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air is ready to provide you with the essential water damage restoration services and proactive repairs necessary to protect your home. Call us today at 480-654-8865 for more information.