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PlumbSmart Supports Paz de Cristo

Charitable giving is part of the American way, yet up to 70% of Americans say they would give even more if they knew their donations were going to help those most in need. Community based charities like Paz de Cristo in Mesa, Arizona make this possible, and it is why PlumbSmart puts its full support behind this amazing organization and everything they do to help Arizonans most in need, every hour of every day.

Paz de Cristo averages over 7000 visits each month. Their evening meal service and food box distribution provides more than 50,000 meals every month to the homeless, the unemployed, the working poor and senior citizens. Paz De Cristo also serves as a mail station for the homeless, a resource for clothing, shoes, hygiene products, baby care items, bus passes for medical appointments and job interviews, showers, haircuts and gift cards for prescriptions.

Your Arizona Tax Credits Help the Poor and Homeless

Put your Arizona Taxes to good use at no cost to you! The State of Arizona has doubled the credit available when giving to qualified organizations that help the working poor. Get up to $800 in dollar-for-dollar Arizona State Tax Credits when you donate to Paz de Cristo. You do not have to itemize to take this credit, and you can take it in addition to the foster care and school credits. Read more about their mission at Paz de Cristo and make a donation today.

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About Paz de Cristo and Their Mission

  • Values – What do they believe?
    Paz de Cristo believes everyone is a child of God and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Mission – Why are they here?
    To Feed, Clothe, and Empower those in need in the East Valley of the Phoenix area.
  • Vision – Where are they going?
    The vision of Paz de Cristo is to empower their guests to reach their full potential by removing barriers so they may become more self-sufficient. Paz de Cristo exists to help those in need achieve self-reliance, pride and self-respect. In turn, this leads to improved economic standing, respect for others, and citizenship participation.

Serving Food


Nearly 600 individuals each month arrive at Paz for the first time ever. The majority of these visits are for meals. Food has been a critical part of their mission since its inception in 1988. Many others take advantage of their empowerment programs. In particular, their Jobs Program each Tuesday & Thursday, is staffed to assist in job preparation, resume writing and one-on-one support. They also provide the essentials to get a job, including showers and haircuts, bus tickets, clothes for interviews, birth certificates and vouchers for Arizona I.D.’s.

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