HVAC & Plumbing in Mesa, AZ

We understand that finding plumbing or HVAC services you trust can be difficult. What if you could find all of these services in one reputable business? That’s exactly what you will find at PlumbSmart. We provide plumbing, AC, and heating services throughout the Arizona Valley. Our team has grown a reputation in the community of providing dependable, trustworthy service.

We are now providing a huge selection of services to homeowners and business owners in AZ. We hope that you will reach out with your AC, heating or plumbing needs.

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Areas We Serve

We don’t want anyone to miss out of the great services we provide, so we have expanded our service area quite a bit. Currently we are proudly serving all of the Mesa, AZ area. We are also now including much of the surrounding area as well. This includes Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale. If you are located in any of the smaller towns in between, we will service you as well.

Because of our large number of technicians currently employed, we can always get someone out to you quickly to resolve your home maintenance needs. Best of all, we never charge trip charges.

Fixing Pipes

PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air is a unique business in that we bring Arizona homeowners a collection of home maintenance services all in one business. Dealing with multiple businesses for home maintenance issues can get confusing and expensive. By bunding together many different types of services all provided by one company, you can simply make one call and you can always rely on the same dependable service and great pricing. Fewer surprises mean less stress for you.

Everyone would agree that HVAC and plumbing are two of the most vital systems in your home. You just can’t operate without working plumbing and, in Arizona, you don’t want to lose that AC during those hot, dry summer months. Keep reading to learn more about the services we provide for these two important home systems.

Plumbing Often when people think of plumbing, they simply think of their sinks, tubs, toilets, and septic. But plumbing can often include much more, and PlumbSmart can handle it all.
Drain cleaning- Drain cleaning is an important part of plumbing maintenance. Getting drains flushed out quickly is essential to your plumbing system.
Garbage Disposal Installations Because it is connected to the kitchen sink, garbage disposals are actually considered part of your plumbing system. We can install your new disposal to make cleaning up in the kitchen a breeze.
Leak Detection Leaks can cause major home damage. The worst part is you often don’t know you have a leak until it is too late. We can help.
Camera Inspection and Hydro Jetting- Got a clog that you just can’t figure out. Our camera inspections can solve even the most mysterious plumbing issue. Hydro jetting clears lines quickly to get your plumbing back on track.
Repiping- Over time, pipes start to decay, or they can even be damaged by freezing temps or roots. When this happens, repiping is a must. This is often not recommended as a DIY job, so let the professionals come lend a hand.
Hot Water Heaters- We can install and maintain both tankless and tank water heaters.
Water Treatment Systems- Concerned about what is floating in your drinking water? We provide water treatment systems for your home.
Water Damage Restoration- If leaks or flooding does happen due to a plumbing issue, we can help with water damage restoration.

Heating and Air

It’s no secret that Arizona summers are unforgiving. . Losing AC during those dry summer months is just not an option. Just as important is staying warm during the surprisingly cold winter months in the desert. PlumbSmart has you covered. We can keep you comfortable all year long with our exceptional heating and air services.

System Installations- Whether you are looking for a new construction installation or you need to update an old system, we can provide quick, reliable installation services.

Maintenance Plans- Your system can last for years to come with the proper maintenance. We can provide you with annual maintenance contracts that will keep your system running great all year long.

Repairs- When issues do arise, our technicians can get to your issues quickly, perform diagnostics, and get repairs done so that you can get back to regular life.

Why Choose PlumbSmart?

PlumbSmart operates differently than many plumbing and HVAC companies. We know that when you are slammed with an unexpected home repair, the last thing you need is excessive service fees piled on top. That is why we aim to offer the best service at reasonable prices. We attempt to make all of our prices and fees are known upfront so that you do not get surprised when it is time to pay.

In addition to our transparent pricing policies, we also provide our customers with some of the most qualified and reliable plumbers and HVAC technicians in the state of Arizona. Our Journeyman, Master Plumbers, and NATE Certified HVAC Techs bring you 25+ years of in-field experience, as well as a trustworthy character that you can feel good about working with.

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