24-Hour AC Service & Plumber in Phoenix, AZ

As anyone who’s been through an Arizona summer knows, an AC failure is not a “convenience” situation. It literally means the difference between being comfortable or living in the blazing hell of a heat basket. With ongoing month-long temperatures well over 110 in the deep summer, Arizona’s climate demands anyone living there has a working AC ready to take on the demands. And it also means, when things do break, that a reliable repair service is available 24/7 to get things back up and running pronto.

The ideal service is fast, dependable, can be reached day or night, and has the expertise to fix an AC system correctly the first time. That kind of skill isn’t picked up with an online video or reading a how-to manual. It comes from heavy experience, working with all the major AC brands and models available, and knowing from training and application how to trouble-shoot the most difficult of AC problems that can come up at any time.

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Areas We Serve for AC Support

Our teams service all the major cities and suburbs for Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, and Tempe, as well as Scottsdale too. That’s one of the key reasons why PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air is known statewide as the go-to source for AC maintenance and repair. We handle both fixing the problems as well as helping keep people’s systems tuned so they don’t have problems in the first place. However, even the best of mechanical designs will eventually fail, and they have a bad habit of doing so at the most inopportune times. So, while a lot of other services will only respond during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air is going to be available day or night, and every weekend as well. No surprise, we get a lot of calls the other guys aren’t around to handle as a result.

24-Hour AC Service & Plumber

Services We Provide PlumbSmart Customers

Air conditioning maintenance goes a long way in preventing bigger failures down the line. For example, every AC unit utilizes air and moisture capture to create a cooling effect in a home. Air is pulled through the machine, moisture is pulled out of it with a condensator, the air is cooled and then blown out into the room to cool the environment. The water that is captured has to go into a drain and be removed or it will eventually spill and flood the area around the AC. Normally, this is handled with a drainpipe that runs to the outside, easily removing the water with a drip line.

However, that pipe and line can get plugged up over time. If it does, the water will instead back up and spill inside where the AC is located. If on the roof, you can imagine what damage water will do over time, especially when the AC is running day and night. Maintenance reviews check for exactly these kinds of issues to avoid them before they begin.

All repair when needed is applied by NATE-certified technicians on our teams. This ensures that the correct training, the right tools, and the right protocols are used in repairs all the time, every time. Unfortunately, a number of issues in the industry occur not because the AC unit stopped working correctly. Instead, many issues are due to improper installation, poor configuration and even poor repair work from a previous service job. When PlumbSmart sends a team in for a repair, we go through the entire system to confirm things are working correctly, and the repairs we apply are done the right way all the time.

For larger air conditioning repairs, upgrades or replacements, PlumbSmart also handles full installation and custom setup as needed for the home or facility where the AC needs to be placed. We provide both competitive pricing as well as some of the most comprehensive warranty protection in Arizona’s AC industry. We cover both residential as well as commercial HVAC needs, including all of the commercial-grade components such as pumps, ductwork routing, ongoing maintenance and furnace configuration as well.

Property management support is also available from PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air. We handle high-density properties of all sizes, whether small condominium units or multi-floor apartment buildings, including the air flow system, roof-top primary units, the electrical support grid, and venting/drainage lines for the same. We can troubleshoot issues that appear as spot elements as well as systemic concerns affecting the entire building setup.

Why Choose PlumbSmart?

The last thing anyone wants is to face the possibility of dealing with an Arizona summer without AC for a number of days. PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air makes sure that scenario doesn’t happen for our customers, even if it means coming out in the middle of the night to get everything working again before the sun comes up and daytime heat begins. That’s why we’re the top name for AC repair and support statewide. Contact us today!

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