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Although heat pumps can be up to 400% more efficient, many valley homes, even some of the new homes being built, are still equipped with a separate furnace for heating and an AC unit as the source of cooling. Heat pumps are desirable as they do not burn fuel or release carbon emissions and use a relatively small amount of electrical energy to heat your home.

Some homeowners prefer separate heating and cooling as they feel a furnace provides a more comfortable and even form of heat. This is primarily due to the fact that heat pumps deliver air at 95 degrees, and because it’s lower than body temperature, the air feels cool. In contrast, a natural gas furnace delivers air at a much more comfortable 120 degrees.

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Whichever type of heating and cooling you prefer, PlumbSmart provides quality, affordable service to keep you comfortable 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. We employ factory-trained NATE Certified technicians, the best in the trade for their knowledge and expertise, and our customer service center is open 24 hours to serve you. We are fully licensed and insured, family owned and "A" rated by the Better Business Bureau.

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Why not save more money on your next air conditioning system? We offer the best warranty in the industry and you can count on PlumbSmart for quality service and the lowest possible price. That's the PlumbSmart advantage.

I extremely appreciate John's help and knowledge. He was thorough and went above and beyond to explain things and show us the issues. Thank you so much for your services John, I will certainly be calling PlumbSmart for anything in the future."   ~  Maikale Anau, Google Reviews