Introducing the Green Fusion Water Softener

Do you suffer from hard water? Not only is it bad for your plumbing, but hard water also leaves buildup in your sinks and tubs, on your dishes and even in your hair and laundry. Households that deal with hard water often find themselves using more detergent just to get things clean. On top of that, hard water doesn’t taste particularly great, either.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a water purification system in Mesa, AZ, consider the Ultima Green Fusion water softener. It combines a whole house filter with a water softener in just one unit. The Green Fusion system is specifically made to treat Arizona tap water. Here’s why we love the Green Fusion water softener:

  • All-in-one water purification: Homeowners often have to install water purifiers and softeners separately. This costs more and takes up more room. Enter the Green Fusion system—it’s an all-in-one system that softens and purifies your water. It uses reticulated KDF sponges, coconut shell carbon, UV light and uniform bead resin to remove mercury, lead, chlorine, herbicides, chemicals, methane and minerals from your water. The UV light kills harmful bacteria, too, so you’re guaranteed fresh, pure water.
  • Uses less water: The reticulated KDF sponges, which remove heavy metals and chlorine, use less water to backwash. Plus, they have an infinite lifespan, which cuts down on the components you need to refresh or replace.
  • Includes UV sterilization: UV light kills bacteria and other microbes. The Green Fusion system guarantees you’ll never have to worry about coliform bacteria (from raw sewage) sneaking into your family’s drinking water.
  • Uses uniform bead resin: Water softeners rely on resin beads and salt to remove minerals from tap water. The Green Fusion system uses uniform bead resin, which outperforms all the other varieties on the market. In fact, it’s so effective that you’ll use 50 percent less salt.
  • Smart valves: The Green Fusion system includes a smart valve, which only regenerates when needed. That means it wastes less water in the backwash process, while still purifying the hard Mesa tap water.
  • Better-tasting water: When you use a water purifier and softener, your tap water will taste—and feel—like it came straight from a mountain spring. There’s no need to buy single-use water bottles when your tap water tastes so great.
  • Use less detergent and soap: Hard water requires more detergent and soap to get your dishes, laundry and hair clean. The Green Fusion system will help you cut down on soap and detergent, all while getting better results.
  • Cost-effective: Not only is the Green Fusion system affordable, but the money you’ll save on sponges, salt and detergent means that this all-in-one unit is the best deal around.

Are you ready to find out why Mesa homeowners love the Ultima Green Fusion water softening and purification system? PlumbSmart Plumbing Heating and Air, your local plumber in Mesa, AZ sells and installs water treatment solutions, including the Green Fusion system. Get in touch with us today to get started.