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High-Efficiency Air Conditioners Save Money


How Much Money Do High-Efficiency Air Conditioners Save?

One of the most important appliances that you will have in your home is your air conditioner. During the hot summer months, many people end up running their air conditioner up to 24 hours per day. While this can provide some comfort inside, it does end up using a lot of electricity and can lead to higher utility bills. When you are looking for a new air conditioner, one option to consider it would be to purchase a high-efficiency air conditioner. While a high efficiency air conditioner can cost more money up front, it can actually end up saving you considerably overtime.

Save Up To 30% On Lower Utility Bills

The main way that a high efficiency air conditioner can save you money is through lower utility bills. A high efficiency air conditioner utilizes a number of different components that are more efficient and can provide the same quality cool air without working nearly as hard. Ultimately, this can lead to lower energy usage and a significant cut in your electricity bills. This is especially true in the summer when electricity bills can be several hundred dollars.

High-Efficiency Air Conditioner Rebates Can Also Save You Thousands

Another way to save money with high efficiency air conditioners is by taking advantage of rebates and credits that are provided to buyers. When buying a new air conditioner, you can end up receiving as much as $2,500 in manufacturer and dealer rebates. Your local power company (SRP & APS in Arizona) also offer many cost saving rebates and you should looking into federal and state energy-savings programs. This can greatly help to offset the initial cost of a new air conditioner.

Save More Money With 0% Financing on New AC Units and High-Efficiency Rheem Air Conditioners!

If you are concerned about the initial costs of unit, PlumbSmart offers 0% financing on approved credit so you can spread the costs out over a longer period of time. This can help to avoid a large initial purchase and the lower monthly utility costs are typically enough to cover the monthly payment on your loan! Give us a call so we can start saving you money!

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