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Importance of Regular Maintenance: Maintenance Agreements


The Importance of Regular Maintenance For Multi-Tenant Properties

If you own a multi-tenant property, then you may feel like your plumbing system is a time bomb waiting to blow. Leaking toilets, slow drains, and clogged vents can make property management a nightmare. Because you can not always rely on your tenants to let you know when problems arise, having regular maintenance done on your plumbing system may be the only thing standing between you and disaster.


Tenants often fail to report "small" issues like leaking sinks and slow drains. These problems are usually easy fixes if they can be caught and repaired early. However, when left alone small problems become big issues. Water and sewer problems in an upstairs unit can be catastrophic, and even the smallest leaks can lead to mold and water damage to walls, floors and expensive cabinets.


Having a full-time plumber on staff is expensive, and they are unlikely to have advanced diagnostic, cleaning and repair tools used by a full-service plumber. Some of the most common services performed by plumbers, such as camera inspection and hydro-jetting, require specialized tools that your maintenance staff does not have access to.


Scheduling regular inspection and maintenance visits for your plumbing system ensures that your pipes are in good condition and helps to detect small issues before they become a problem. Regular drain cleaning, leak detection, and visual inspections will help protect your investment from mold and water damage.

Cleaning up after a water and sewer damage can be expensive. Periodic maintenance will greatly lower your chances of experiencing a plumbing emergency. Contact PlumbSmart online or by phone at 480-654-8865 for more information about scheduling plumbing maintenance for your multi-tenant property.

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