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April Blog

Industry News, Information and Insights | April 2017

AC Repair and Replacement Warning Signs

24 APR. 2017

AC Repair / Replacement Warning Signs

The weather is starting to warm up, and air conditioning season is here. There are some signs you can watch for that will let you know your AC is in need of repair or even replacing. The earlier in the season that you catch these problems, the less likely you will face extreme temperatures without a working unit ...
Water Filtration Myths and Facts

17 APR. 2017

Whole House Water Filtration: Myth vs. Fact

We all know that drinking more water is good for our health, and that having pure water is very important. There is however a myth that has gone around that bottled water is purer and better to drink. This is a sad misconception because according to the Government Accountability Office ...
Shower Replacement

10 APR. 2017

Replace Your Tub With A Shower

Day-after-day there you are standing in the tub taking a shower, and if you are like most people you almost never take a sit-down bath. A study once found that the most dangerous place in your house is standing in the bathtub. If you are not taking baths, how about making your space work better for you. There is plenty of room for a nice walk-in shower in the space your tub is now ...
Repipe Blog

03 APR. 2017

6 Reasons Your Home Needs A Tankless Water Heater

If you've heard the buzz about tankless water heaters, you may be wondering if this technology is new and worth calling up a local plumber for an estimate on installation. Here are some great reasons to do just that ...